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  1. Shambling corpse of 3D TV finally falls down dead

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... told me. Those market trends are clear: Sales of 3D home video gear have declined every year since 2012. According to data from the NPD Group, 3D TV represents just 8 percent of total TV sales dollars ... Friday, 20 January 2017
  2. Guide to 3D TV: What you (still) need to know

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    ... preventing 3D TV from quicker adoption. (Credit: 20th Century Fox) 3D Blu-rays are rare, but they easily provide the best 3D home video experience A total of just 96 3D Blu-ray discs were released ... Friday, 19 July 2013
  3. 3D Home Market ‘Thriving’

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... physical video,” Gunnarsson said. “[It] is already being marketed as the ultimate home-video experience, and studios are pricing 3D home video well above Blu-ray 2D versions.” The three biggest European ... Monday, 07 January 2013
  4. 3D cinema, home video, TV rise

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    The global 3D consumer market is thriving in a dynamic environment marked by clear and discernible growth across its major platforms, including cinema, home video and pay-TV video on demand, with international ... Sunday, 23 December 2012
  5. Prometheus, E.T. and Dial M for Murder in 3D come to home video

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    It’s a pretty awesome week for movie fans with the home video release of Prometheus, Rock of Ages, and The Raven, all previously reviewed by our crack team of movie critics.  Prometheusshould ... Sunday, 07 October 2012
  6. Super Bowl XLV Won't Be in 3D

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... and 2011 will see at least 16 new 3D films hit theaters, most of which will get 3D home video releases, joining Toy Story 3 and the eventually available Avatar. ESPN 3D will begin broadcasting ... Wednesday, 26 January 2011
  7. Disney announces 3D home video releases for 2011

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Disney Studios is making a big push into 3D home entertainment, announcing it plans to release at least 15 films in Blu-ray 3D in 2011.Among the titles will be the 3D ... Friday, 07 January 2011
  8. Roxio Unveils VideoLab 3D

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... ideal complement to 3D-enabled systems, peripherals, and accessories, and provide a richer out-of-box experience that empowers consumers to create their own personal 3D home video."  Key Features  ... Thursday, 01 July 2010
  9. Sony producing a 3D camera

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    ... video camera. Obviously Sony is holding exact details of this product close to its chest, but announcing it to the world is enough to get the other manufacturers thinking about 3D home video too. Having ... Friday, 12 March 2010
  10. Award-Winning 3D Artist, Technical Expert Rob Engle to Open SMPTE Conference in October with Talk on 3D Evolution

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... on filmmakers and audiences — as well as barriers to the acceptance of the 3D format, breakthrough genres of 3D, and how 3D home video will evolve. He will also include clips and anecdotes from his personal ... Sunday, 01 November 2009
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