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  1. Eyefluence – Controlling AR With Your Eyes

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    ... of the people working on this emerging technology at the silicon valley startup – Eyefluence and they graciously accepted to answer a few questions for us. What long-term visions do you have ... Tuesday, 02 August 2016
  2. Eye-tracking virtual reality startup FOVE raises $11M Series A

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... display faces competition from big VR players like HTC, Oculus, and Sony Playstation, as well as eye-tracking firms, including Eyefluence,Tobii, and SMI, which are working with headset manufacturers. ... Wednesday, 23 March 2016
  3. Virtual reality intuitive with eye-tracking

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    ... $1,500 for an "Oculus-ready" PC. Oculus says it is working on eye-tracking for its headsets, and other players like Eyefluence Inc., based in Milpitas, California, have also developed the technology. ... Friday, 18 March 2016
  4. Eyefluence control virtual reality with your eyes

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    California-based technology startup Eyefluence Inc is working on technology that will allow virtual reality and augmented reality programs to be controlled with your eyes, and the company ... Friday, 13 November 2015
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