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  1. Gravity’s 3D supervisor says 3D ‘was rushed to market’

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    Hollywood might have hailed 3D as the be-all-and-end-all of blockbuster viewing, but shoddy execution has left many with a foul taste for the tech. According to Chris Parks, stereoscopic supervisor for ... Saturday, 15 November 2014
  2. Gravity On 3D Blu-ray: The Best Ad For 3D Moviegoing Ever Made?

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    Although I probably qualify as an “early adopter” having purchased a 3D television several years ago, I’m grateful that 3D filmmaking – and the vocal opposition to it from audiences — has finally begun ... Saturday, 01 March 2014
  3. Gravity™ to be Re-released in IMAX® 3D Theatres Starting Jan. 31

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX; TSX:IMX) and Warner Bros. Pictures, a division of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX), today announced that Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity™, one of the most popular films ever offered ... Wednesday, 22 January 2014
  4. Can 'Gravity' Save 3D?

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    For once, critics and ticketbuyers are in sync:Gravity is the rare movie that's really worth splurging extra to see in 3D, on a giant screen. Awed critics contend that Alfonso Cuaron's space opera – with ... Sunday, 13 October 2013
  5. 'Gravity' Stereo Supervisor Reveals How 3D Was Used to Put Sandra Bullock in Space

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    Director Alfonso Cuaron told Chris Parks that he wanted "realistic 3D, the way that your eyes would see it." To create the illusion that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are floating in endless space, ... Friday, 11 October 2013
  6. To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Gravity Ticket

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    Since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in late August, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity has become the most buzzed about movie in the industry. Critics, including our own Katey Rich and Sean O’Connell ... Friday, 04 October 2013
  7. ‘Gravity’ Is an Argument for 3D - George Clooney

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    The actor tells TheWrap people will be talking about the film in 15 to 20 years. George Clooney says the  special effects wizardry in his new space adventure “Gravity” justify shooting it in ... Thursday, 03 October 2013
  8. Watch a New Featurette on the 3D in Gravity

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    AMC Theaters has debuted this new featurette on the 3D in Alfonso Cuarуn's Gravity. In the film, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran ... Tuesday, 24 September 2013
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