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  1. ‘Ready Player One’ VR Content Will Bring Viewers Into the OASIS

    Category: News/3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo

    In Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One, much of the world’s population spends their time in a virtual reality world called the OASIS. The story’s heroes, Wade Watts/Parzival (Tye Sheridan) and Samantha ... Wednesday, 29 March 2017
  2. Warner Bros. Pictures and HTC Vive Announce Strategic Global Partnership for Upcoming Theatrical Release of Ready Player One

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... Player One.  Adapted from the book by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One is a sci-fi action thriller that unfolds largely within the virtual reality space. The film is slated for global ... Wednesday, 29 March 2017
  3. What Happens When Virtual Reality Gets Too Real

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... if users begin spending hours in virtual reality. Some in the virtual-reality industry point to the 2011 science-fiction novel “Ready Player One,” which depicts a world in 2044 when humans spend most of ... Monday, 04 January 2016
  4. Virtual Reality Startup: Yes, VR Is Antisocial. And That’s Okay!

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    The 2011 novel “Ready Player One” is beloved by many, many virtual reality enthusiasts (believe me, I’ve heard from them). It’s also, for anyone who’s never tried VR, a terribleadvertisement ... Thursday, 30 July 2015
  5. Why virtual reality could finally mend its broken promise

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... seen those movies and said, 'Boy wouldn't that be neat,'" Latta said. Abrash, at F8, cited books like Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. He quoted the Matrix liberally. ... Wednesday, 13 May 2015
  6. The Inside Story of Oculus Rift and How Virtual Reality Became Reality

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... holodeck, Snow Crash’s Metaverse, Ready Player One’s Oasis. The open kitchen, while bountiful, skews Engineer: cinder-block-sized containers of Red Vines and packets of Kirkland-brand Variety ... Saturday, 28 June 2014
  7. Oculus Rift at SXSW: is virtual reality the Holy Grail of gaming?

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... the kind you've read about in Neuromancer and Ready Player One. "What keeps people playing MMOs is not the gameplay or the graphics," he said. "It's because it's a shared experience. It's the human relationship ... Tuesday, 02 April 2013
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