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  1. Google, Oculus, Sony launch Global Virtual Reality Association

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... conduct research, and bring the international VR community together.” StarVR, Google, Facebook’s Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung, and Sony constitute the initial line up, which will make room for ... Sunday, 11 December 2016
  2. Starbreeze AB: Acer to invest 9 MUSD in Starbreeze through 2-year Convertible Bond

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    Acer Inc. (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID) and Starbreeze AB (First North: STAR) announced today that in relation to the setup of a joint venture for the manufacturing and commercialization of the StarVR Virtual ... Sunday, 26 June 2016
  3. IMAX Unveils Comprehensive Virtual Reality Strategy; Launches Location-Based Initiative Through Partnership With Starbreeze

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... VR experience that will leverage Starbreeze's unique StarVR® headset technology, which provides a 210-degree full peripheral field of view – double that of any other VR headset currently available ... Thursday, 26 May 2016
  4. IMAX Teams Up With Google, Starbreeze to Bring VR to Theaters

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... using its StarVR headset technology. The Starbreeze headsets provide a 210-degree full peripheral "IMAX-like" field-of-view, which is more than twice that of other VR headsets sold today, according to ... Wednesday, 25 May 2016
  5. The state of VR: Where Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and others stand right now

    Category: News/VR & 3D Events

    ... are too damn many. When this whole shebang started it was just Oculus in the ring. Now we’ve got a full-fledged battle royale, with dozens of me-too contenders. But one of the interesting ones is StarVR. ... Monday, 12 October 2015
  6. StarVR 210-Degree VR Headset Receiving Tobii Eye-Tracking Support

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    It has been revealed this week that the StarVR 210-Degree virtual reality headset is set to receive eye tracking support thanks to a partnership between its developer  Starbreeze and eye ... Thursday, 24 September 2015
  7. The Walking Dead VR Experience at E3, Starbreeze Acquires New VR HMD

    Category: News/VR & 3D Hardware

    ... is StarVR, a new virtual reality (VR) project from Starbreeze Studios, the owners of studio OVERKILL best known for its work on the PAYDAY franchise of videogames. The HMD hardware ... Thursday, 02 July 2015
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