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Wednesday, Jan 24th

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Top Gun 3D Re-Release, Sequel in Doubt Following Tony Scott’s Death

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Fans were pretty excited when Paramount Pictures announced it would take a page from the Titanicplaybook and re-release Tony Scott’s Top Gun in 3D from Legend3D, the house that handled conversion for movies like Alice in Wonderland.

There was also the matter of the long-gestating sequel to the film that was going to include Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, star Tom Cruise (in some capacity) and a script by Thor writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Of course, all of these plans came into questions after Scott committed suicide in August, with The New York Times now reporting “the sequel has fallen apart.” This puts the release of the 3D conversion in question because the original idea was for that release to generate interest in the sequel. With the fate of the follow-up in serious doubt, the studio isn’t sure what to do with the completed 3D project.

One of the issues Paramount is struggling with is how to handle the release of the film in a manner respectful to Scott and his family. In addition to getting the film out in the world again, there’s also a significant amount of money to be made in China, where the audience is all about 3D movies right now. Word is that the re-release might drop in February for a week-long run on IMAX.