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Tuesday, Jan 23rd

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YOU ARE HERE News 3D TV, 3DS Movie, 3DS Photo ‘Ready Player One’ VR Content Will Bring Viewers Into the OASIS

‘Ready Player One’ VR Content Will Bring Viewers Into the OASIS

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In Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One, much of the world’s population spends their time in a virtual reality world called the OASIS. The story’s heroes, Wade Watts/Parzival (Tye Sheridan) and Samantha Evelyn Cook/Art3miss (Olivia Cooke), aren’t living the highest quality of life in the real world, so they live and breathe the OASIS.

ready player one

Naturally, ss a tie-in for the film about our dependency on technology, Warner Bros. is teaming up with HTC VIVE to create some VR content related to Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One.

Fans of Cline’s novel will be able to access the content all over the world through Viveport, on PC based VR systems or mobile solutions. The details are vague on what VIVE’s tie-in will involve, but it’ll include the OASIS, which 60% of the film takes place in and Spielberg is depicting via motion-capture.

Viveport plans on showing off these VR experiences when they’re ready at some point in 2018. The company’s President, Rikard Steiber, says this collaboration with Warner Bros. will show “the transformative nature of VR”:

Ready Player One is one of the most anticipated movies in the world, and has tremendous potential to engage and entertain the worldwide market, showcasing the transformative nature of VR, and what it can and will be. Vive is delivering on the promise of VR and continues to be the most advanced and immersive VR experience available to consumers, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Warner Bros. to bring these experiences to consumers, on all platforms, around the globe.