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Sunday, Mar 18th

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10 Intriguing Experiences For The Oculus Rift

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While you're waiting for your Rift, start thinking about what you're going to experience on it:  Stop refreshing that package tracking website. Instead, check out these 10 innovative projects—including Virtuix Omni, Nevermind, and Blackout—and that push the boundaries of how virtual reality can influence entertainment as we know it.


EVE: Valkyrie – Bundled with the pre-ordered Oculus Rift, Valkyrie is a multiplayer shooter game, in which players turn into elite space fighter pilots who battle pirates to re-gain control over the universe. The game was created from the ground up with VR in mind, allowing for a truly immersive experience.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – For all those who think that VR cannot be social by definition, we present another multiplayer game that mixes both virtual world and real life to create a fun party game. While one player puts on a headset that transports them to a room with a ticking bomb, the other participants consult a good ol’ binder with instructions on how to defuse that bomb. The whole team has just a couple of minutes to prevent the explosion.


Nevermind – This biofeedback-enhanced adventure game lets you explore a surreal labyrinth and solve puzzles along the way, all while responding to your physiological and emotional data. The more stressed you are, the harder the puzzles get, so take a deep breath and learn how to control your internal responses under pressure. The game is currently available on PC, but will soon debut on Oculus Rift.


Blackout – If you ever found yourself wondering what your fellow commuters are thinking while the train suddenly stops in between stations, this experience may be just what you were looking for.

This video game-meets-documentary lets you listen to the inner monologues of other passengers around you. Filmed using DephKit, an emerging technology that connects a DSLR camera, Kinnect and depth sensor, the experience features live-action 3D models of real people.


Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness – Accompanied by a feature film under the same title,Notes on Blindness explores the cognitive and emotional experiences of John Hull, a writer and academic who became totally blind in 1983, after decades of sight deterioration. Using John’s audio diary, binaural audio and 3D animations, the experience is a visually stunning exploration of what it means to live in the world ‘beyond sight.’

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.53.10 PM.png 

Henry – Created by Oculus Story Studio, this animation follows a little hedgehog on the day of his birthday. His biggest wish is to hug a friend, but because of his spines this proves impossible, until… Henry meets a turtle.

Even though the storyline is not the most complex, it is the technology behind it that turns it into something worth watching. Thanks to real-time rendered CGI, the environment reacts to viewers’ actions. For example, the viewer can move within the space, looking under the tables or around corners. In addition, the audio adapts to user’s head movements and Henry can gaze directly into the viewer’s eyes.

Full-Body Experiences

Virtuix Omni  
Virtuix Omni – Take your virtual experience to the whole new level with this motion platform. Virtuix Omni lets you control your avatar by running, walking, jumping and stopping, making you feel like part of the game.


Birdly – Putting a headset on and finding yourself floating in the sky can simply not be enough anymore for some. Birdly, a bird-like flight simulator, not only allows you to flap your arms-turned-wings, but also has a fan mounted to the front which reacts to the speed of your flight.

Creative Tools

Medium – Imagine MS Paint in 360-degree 3D and you have Medium. This apps lets users make their own virtual sculptures in VR, crossing the divide between a viewer and a creator.

Toybox – The first demo that showcases the power of social VR for Oculus, Toybox lets you interact with other people within the virtual space. Currently the experience is rather limited in scope—you can build a tower of boxes or play ping pong—but once more features are added, the possible uses will be endless.

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