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Thursday, Mar 22nd

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Six15 Technologies head-mounted display for training and simulation

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Six15 Technologies (Formerly the Tactical Display Group of Vuzix, a provider of rugged, high-resolution head-mount displays (HMDs) and OEM optoelectronic module manufacturing, has released a high-definition, binocular system designed for training and simulation.

The SimEx 585 binocular HMD combines dual 1920x1200 OLED displays, standard HDMI video input, and an integrated head tracker for an immersive simulation experience. It weighs less than 225 grams, consumes less than 2.6 watts of power, and has a flip-up center mount compatible with standard head straps and helmets.


The Department of Defense and contractors have been seeking new technologies that address the needs of the growing training and simulation market, affirms a company representative. The new SimEx 585 resolves concerns over resource and monetary constraints by delivering an alternative to traditional live preparation, while providing warfighters with high skilled training.

Six15 and Fidelity Technologies Corp. developed the new offering to meet the needs of Department of Defense Joint Tactical Air Controllers (JTACs).
Fidelity, a veteran in the training and simulation field, selected Six15 Technologies to design, develop, and fabricate the next-generation simulation device.
"The new product enables simulators to meet the extraordinarily stringent requirements put forth for JTAC training, at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost of existing HMDs," says Ted Ricks, lead engineer on the project. "Upgrading to this hardware will bring the system in line with actual doctrine by enabling identification of incoming aircraft at simulated distances far exceeding current industry standards. This revolutionary performance has the potential to double the throughput of new and existing simulators by enabling HMDs to be used in applications for which they had never previously qualified."

Six15 is known for its Tac-Eye 2.0 and field-proven proprietary optics to help provide JTACs with an interactive and realistic simulation that will prepare them for the battlefield.
"Our company is passionate about supporting the warfighter and the development of this product is one more way we can deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers in support of their mission," adds Six15 Technologies CEO Rich Ryan. "By providing a realistic training environment without the costs of traditional methods, we can enable our highly skilled soldiers, sailors, and airmen to increase their proficiency prior to combat deployments."