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Sunday, Mar 18th

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YOU ARE HERE News VR & 3D Software Latest Version Of SteamVR Supports Oculus SDK, Runtime 0.8.0

Latest Version Of SteamVR Supports Oculus SDK, Runtime 0.8.0

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Valve has been working hard to get the SteamVR platform ready for the consumer release of the HTC Vive, the VR HMD Valve and HTC are co-designing, but Vive isn't the only headset that SteamVR will support. The latest release of the beta software updates Oculus support to version 0.8.0 of Oculus's runtime and SDK.

Valve said this release of SteamVR doesn't require running the Oculus demo scene before starting it, which was apparently necessary with previous builds.

The SteamVR update included more than just Oculus support updates. Lighthouse tracking has seen some improvements. The tracked devices can now be turned on in any order, rather than a specific sequence and if, for any reason, the headset loses tracking, the hand controllers will no longer stop tracking with it.

There was a small change to the VR Dashboard settings that developers will want to pay attention to: Dashboard overlays can now be set to launch automatically by marking them to "autolaunch" in the settings.

SteamVR Beta is available for free through Steam. It is intended for developers at this point, but anyone with a VR HMD can try it out.