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Introducing True VR using Voxels

Обсуждение публикаций ресурса Virtual & Really.Ru
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Introducing True VR using Voxels

Сообщение admin » 17 янв 2018, 06:14

While CES 2018 was about introducing new products that we'll see coming to market this year, it was Intel's presentation that really hit a home run. Beyond Intel's CEO starting his presentation with an update to Meltdown and Spectre security flaws, he went on to introduce some powerful new technologies that are coming down the pipe.

Вера в БОГА не является залогом высокой нравственности - Дьявол тоже верит в БОГА...
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Re: Introducing True VR using Voxels

Сообщение Nekto2 » 22 янв 2018, 22:23

А что никого не заинтересовало?

In the full version of the Intel presentation Intel shows us that a movie could be viewed from countless angles. You could view the movie through a window in a particular scene, or see the action through the eyes of an actor or even a horse in a western.

Это же в вр можно смотреть практически настоящую 3д модель, но исходно снятую камерами (кучей камер)
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