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Pimax 8K M1 Production Delayed, Still On Track For Q2 Releas

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Pimax 8K M1 Production Delayed, Still On Track For Q2 Releas

Сообщение admin » 13 мар 2018, 15:31

Last month, Pimax announced that it expected to have Pimax 8K M1 units ready in early March and that it would “showcase the M1 in roadshows” this month, but progress didn't go according to plan. The company released an update on the development of the Pimax 8K VR headset over the weekend which indicates that product development is again moving slower than planned. Pimax expected to receive a shipment of lenses in mid-February, but the parts didn’t arrive until March 8. As a result, the Pimax 8K M1 pre-production headsets won’t be ready until April. 


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