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Wednesday, Feb 21st

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Raising a Ruckus - оригинальный фильм для Gear VR

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Популярная в узких кругах студия Virtual Reality Company демонстрирует миру свой первый интерактивный кинофильм под названием "Raising a Ruckus". Кинолента была выпущена специально под гарнитуру виртуальной реальности Gear VR.

По мотивам семейной анимации, Вам предстоит окунуться в занимательное путешествие двух близнецов в день их рождения. Благодаря виртуальной реальности весь сюжет будет наполнен всяческими эффектами, что позволит ни на секунду не отвлекаться от происходящего. 

Raising a Ruckus - оригинальный фильм для Gear VR

Помимо этого, зрителю предстоит выбирать варианты развития событий в фильме. Именно это делает это по-настоящему интерактивным и уникальным. В магазине Oculus Вы можете приобрести фильм-приложение "Raising a Ruckus" за символическую сумму в $4. Бесплатно испытать приложение возможно только в новом пилотном центре IMAX VR в Los Angeles.

Virtual Reality Company была основа несколько лет назад человеком, который имеет за плечами две премии "Оскар" - Робертом Стромбергом, а также известным предпринимателем Гаем Примусом. в 2016-м году компания получила серьезный капитал для разработки уникального контента под виртуальную реальность.

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The Virtual Reality Company "Raising a Rukus" for Samsung Gear VR, Powered by Oculus

The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) today announced the availability of its ground-breaking original virtual reality production, "Raising a Rukus" for the Samsung Gear VR on the Oculus Store (

The Virtual Reality Company, a Los Angeles-based VR production company and producer of The Martian VR immersive experience for 20th Century Fox Innovation Lab, is a premium VR content studio, combining the best in technology, art, and digital story-telling.

"Raising a Rukus" is VRC's first-of-its-kind animated VR experience that invites all audiences to go on a series of magical adventures with twins Amy and Jonas and their mischievous pet dog, Rukus. Transported magically into a prehistoric world, people ride along with Amy and Jonas on a thrilling adventure as they chase Rukus through this amazing world, running along with skeletal versions of dinosaurs, braving a raging river - and being there when they discover it was all part of Rukus' magical plan.

"Raising a Rukus" is produced by two-time Academy Award winner and co-founder of VRC, Robert Stromberg and VRC. "Raising a Rukus" was brought to life by a team of award-winning Hollywood veterans and industry leaders, including "Guardians of the Galaxy" screenwriter Nicole Perlman, Grammy winning and Academy Award nominated composer James Newton Howard, sound by the award-winning team at Skywalker Sound, with music by composer Sven Faulconer, writers Jinder Ho, Christopher Stout, Bart Gavigan, Gabriel Gavigan and Perlman, and The Third Floor founder Josh Wassung makes his directorial debut on the pilot, among others who collaborated with VRC on the VR production.

"The vision for the Rukus franchise is to create stories built around universal themes and relatable truths that not only educate and entertain, we want audiences to connect emotionally with these endearing characters, and learn and take something away from their stories," said Robert Stromberg, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of VRC.

Through their adventures with Rukus, the twins must learn to work together to navigate thrilling challenges, appreciate their own unique skills, and ultimately grow to understand that every adventure is more exciting when you get to share it with someone else.

Videos and trailers for "Raising a Rukus" can be found on The Virtual Reality Company's official Facebook page

"Raising a Rukus" features several innovations VRC created that are only made possible with this powerful new medium, such as the use of branching narratives built into the pilot episode. This amazing storytelling technique takes advantage of the immersive potential of VR that allows participants to follow each character on their unique path through the adventure. By merely gazing in the direction of Jonas or Amy at a particular point in the story, audiences will join them on a new and different adventure each time it's viewed, seeing and discovering something new with each experience.

"We are in the early days of unlocking the power of this new medium," said Stromberg. "It's similar to my time working on Avatar, VRC is in a constant state of invention and innovation, testing and pushing the artistic, storytelling and technical potential of VR."

"VRC set a milestone in VR on our work with 'The Martian VR Experience' for 20th Century Fox Innovation Lab," said Guy Primus, CEO and Co-Founder of VRC. "'Raising a Rukus' sets several new milestones in VR production: location-based experiences through the cinematic release with IMAX for its IMAX VR centres, and now on mobile making it available on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR."

VRC recently announced a partnership with IMAX making "Raising a Rukus" available for all audiences at its location-based, state-of-the-art IMAX VR centres in LA, and those set to open inNew York City, the UK, and other locations worldwide in the coming months.

Price and availability: VRC's "Raising a Rukus" is $3.99 and available for download on the Oculus Store (

To learn more about VRC's "Raising a Rukus," please follow @TheVRcompany on Facebook.

About The Virtual Reality Company

The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) is a content studio and production company that combines the best in narrative storytelling, technology, art and gaming to create compelling and immersive VR experiences for people around the world. Founded in 2014 by four Hollywood veterans - Robert Stromberg, Guy Primus, Chris Edwards and Joel Newton, VRC began with a team of award winning storytellers with a passion for innovation and a desire to explore and create a new way to share experiences and tell stories. A two-time Oscar winner, Stromberg is recognized for designing many of the most iconic and artistic environments in recent cinema. With the emergence of VR, Stromberg has a new platform to create imaginative, emotional and immersive worlds that transcend the boundaries of traditional storytelling, such as the critically acclaimed and award winning "The Martian VR Experience," directed by Stromberg and produced by VRC for 20th Century Fox Innovation Lab. For additional information, visit

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