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Sunday, Feb 25th

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VR Dev Uses Vive Trackers For Full Body Step-Based Locomotion

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With HTC’s Vive Trackers now finally in the hands of developers, many are coming up with new types of experiences that bring us closer to virtual worlds. We’ve already seen full body tracking enabled with the concept, but developer RealityRig is now building on that concept.

You may remember that RealityRig’s Tornuffalo got full body tracking support earlier in the year. It saw players ducking and diving out of the way of debris that was thrown at them in a tornado. This week, however, the developer has released new DLC for its latest title, The Path of Greatest Resistance, and it again uses the Trackers to bring your entire body into the experience.

The Path of Greatest Resistance has players fighting enemies that confront them on the path up to a fortress. Using guns and crossbows, players take down foes as quickly as possible. The game already had a mode in which players could jog on the spot to simulate running within VR, but now RealityRig has added support for two Vive Trackers on your feet providing more accurate locomotion tracking.

You can see that support in a video above. Using partical effects, the developer avoids the strange sliding sensation you’ll see with your feet moving on the ground. It looks like a much more accurate way to play the game.

The DLC is free and the game itself is $3.99. It also includes an on-rails mode for those that don’t want to cover their Vive in sweat.

The Vive Trackers, meanwhile, are available for developers for order for $99 each, but won’t be going out to consumers until later in the year. We’ll keep track of their progress and let you know when they’re ready to order.

Source: https://vr-dev-uses-vive-trackers-full-body-step-based-locomotion/

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