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The VR Alterative to Metacritic Hits 3500 VR Game Reviews

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With virtual reality entering its second year on the consumer market, vrgamecritic has had a super exciting year tracking review scores for PC and console VR games across the industry. The site focuses exclusively on VR - qualifying reviews have to provide feedback on the VR elements of a game - and invites players to explore games across all major VR platforms.

eventas rThis specialist dedication has allowed vrgamecritic to outpace broader covering sites like Metacritic and OpenCritic as to be recognized as the main authority in this new space.

Taking a big step forward the site just launched a new design, improving on user experience and also expanding the list of media who now represent 27 countries and more than 3500 review scores - comprising 12% HTC Vive, 17% Oculus Rift and a notable 71% PlayStation VR reviews.

Today vrgamecritic includes data and review scores from more than 240 international sites and partners, from small popular blogs to the most recognized media in the industry. All doing an amazing job to support and drive this new ecosystem that is set to thrive and become “reality” for many millions more over the next years.

A new “Game Explorer” page offers readers a great way to find games across multiple categories and genres, while improved top lists and editorial picks will help highlight popular or interesting titles. Redesigned game pages include a smart overview of critic reviews, including statistic options and filters.

Finally, looking back at 2016 after having caught up with new media partners and review data, vrgamecritic would like to formally recognize the following achievements:

2016 vrgamecritic Awards *

  • Best Game - HTC Vive: The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed developed by Cloudhead Games
  • Best Game - Oculus Rift: DiRT Rally developed by Codemasters
  • Best Game - PlayStation VR: Rez Infinite developed by Enhance Games and Monstars
  • Most Reviewed Game Overall: Batman: Arkham VR developed by Rocksteady Studios
  • Busiest Publication (VR Specialist): UploadVR (United States)
  • Busiest Publication (Other Media): 4Players (Germany)

* Based on internal vrgamecritic data; games with as good as full VR support, VRGC scored, released no later than December 10th and critic review scores published before end of year.

If you are interested in your site being included you can find vrgamecritic on formal information about the process on

vrgamecritic contacts: Edna and Christian Vestøl at

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