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HTC Vive goes after VR

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HTC Vive plans to work with tourism agencies and film producers to create virtual reality apps for key industries, the company said yesterday. The company’s latest VR projects include football training and product demonstrations for online retailers, which will be available in China soon, the company said at the Shanghai Digital Information Festival.

HTC Vive showcased VR applications in entertainment, education, healthcare, sports and industrial sectors, establishing a new “VR ecosystem.” The company said VR films will be shown in cinemas in Shanghai and elsewhere in China soon, offering original VR films to Chinese audiences at 30-50 yuan (US$4.30-US$7.20) an hour, said Yuecheng Technology, a partner of HTC Vive.

HTC Vive has also signed an agreement with the China National Tourism Administration to offer tourism agencies VR production technologies and content in their offices nationwide.

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