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Why Nvidia is pushing enhanced virtual reality?

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Normal people don’t know – or care – about the difference between a CPU (central processing unit) and a GPU (graphic processing unit). They simply want to use their computers to create and view great content.

But since I was still in a conference mode following the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show, I wanted to see what surprises NVIDIA was going to unveil at their GPU (graphic processing unit) Technology Conference (GTC).

After all, they had VR (virtual reality) on the program.

Besides, Jensen (Jen-Hsun) Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO, always gives a great keynote presentation…

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia

GPU Future – Jensen Huang, founder/CEO of Nvidia, saw the GPU playing a growing role in nearly everything in the future.

And he always looks good in his trademark leather jacket!

Like many in the industry, he said Moore’s (Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel) law was running outta’ gas – IC (Integrated Circuit) transistors will double about every two years.

The “law” is 40 years old; and every time we think we’ve hit the ceiling, Intel (or someone) pulls a miracle out of their hat.

Heavy Lifting – While the CPU handles mundane daily tasks, increasingly robust GPUs will be needed to carry out complex jobs as we move forward.

Not that it matters, because GPUs do all the heavy lifting in almost everything – phones, PCs, game consoles, embedded systems (covers a multitude of sins); and as Jensen explained in his keynote, just about everything.

NVIDIA staked its earliest claim to fame in computer graphics and video gaming; but they just didn’t seem to be happy “owning” that market.

Now, they’re a major player in the very broad high-performance compute arena; which covers, well, everything.

Like neural networking, deep learning, software writing software and automation of automation…you know, everything.

Yes, that includes vehicles and relationships with Audi, Toyota and probably others.

Source: http://why-nvidia-is-pushing-enhanced-virtual-reality/

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