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How 3D Live Photos App Movense Is Using Experiential Photography To Build Futuristic Tech The File Format MOVE Is Used To Render Pics In 3D Motion With Reverse Playback

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The File Format MOVE Is Used To Render Pics In 3D Motion With Reverse Playback - When Apple launched the iPhone 6 in September 2015, the world went gaga over its Live Photo feature, introduced for the first time in any smartphone.

But, around the same time, two NSIT third year students – Himanshu Singla and Gaurav Vij were silently working on hopping to the next level – a journey to transport each individual in his/her own world of 3D Live Photos with their app – Movense.

eventas rThe main idea of Movense is to allow people to create 3D content in a quick and hassle-free manner and then immerse themselves in it. The Movense app allows users to snap life, travel journeys, selfies, food, fashion in pictures with a new file format MOVE, that renders pics in 3D motion with reverse playback. These pictures remain static unless interacted with i.e. they become alive when one swipes on the image or flip his/her smartphone.

“We call these living images Moves. Moves allow gesture-based forward/backward motion flow. So now your fingers have the power to reverse the flow of waterfall in a picture or make the plane fly backward mid-air. People across the globe are sharing Moves in the Movense community,” says Gaurav.

Based in Delhi, the founders made the official launch in March 2017 and is currently working with a team of six. Movense is currently running on Android and can also be accessed over the web. The startup is majorly active in Europe, specifically North UK, Russia, Bulgaria, and India.

The team has to date raised a funding of $40K and is backed by investors such as Arvind JhaNirav Choksi, and Rajeev Saraf. In their earlier days, they were also incubated at Nasscom for a six-month period.

The website and app combined have around 15,000 users, 5,000+ Moves and has registered over 5 Lakh Move views. A Move View is an interaction by the user with Move either through touch swipe or flip of a smartphone.

So far, the numbers may not be much to boast of, but the idea and the technology they are touting is quite remarkable. As shared by Gaurav,

“We are on a mission to create cutting-edge, immersive, mobile photography technologies for consumers and businesses by improving the way people interact with media. We want to grow as a globally recognised content creation hub from India and have positioned in the US among other countries. When it comes to creating AR/VR content, we aim to be the one stop platform for all artists providing them the required software, APIs, and plugins to create 3D content. We want to make 3D content creation so easy that even an individual can brag about it and can capture real life object/people in 360 degrees, create their 3D models and then view them without the need of any other hardware even if they didn’t exist in the real time.”

This kind of futuristic tech reminded me of Minority Report and Iron Man as I delved more into Movense- an experiential photography enabling company, as the founders call themselves.

Movense Founder’s Journey: From Building A 3D Video Sharing Platform To 3D Live Photos App

The date July 27, 2015, is pretty well known for OnePlus 2 worldwidelaunch in VR. But for Himanshu and Gaurav – this was the day they were left mesmerised on the power of virtual reality (VR).

Both Gaurav and Himanshu come from tech backgrounds. While Himanshu excels in creating software, Gaurav had earlier worked on a solar-powered electric vehicles project. As Gaurav reminisces, “It was a two-year-project and I was heading a 20-member team. This was my first experience on both the tech and non-tech fronts. While, on one hand, I learned the intricacies of an electric vehicle, on the other hand, I learned how to get things done from people amidst closing deadlines.” Although it was a college-sponsored project, Gaurav was able to raise funds from Ministry of renewable energy in his third year of graduation i.e. 2015. “All this helped us a lot in understanding the aspects of actually running a venture in the real world,” he added.

Source: https://startups/movense-3d-live-photos-app/

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