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Doom VFR updated with support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets

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Official support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets and smooth locomotion are both included in the latest update to Doom VFR on Steam.  If you're eager to dive into the virtual reality ultraviolence that is Doom VFR on your Windows mixed Reality headset, the game's latest update is worth a look.

Developer id Software announced a new patch headed out to Doom VFR today adds official support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, along with a smooth locomotion control option and a number of other tweaks.

Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Added Windows Mixed Reality headset support
  • Added Smooth Locomotion control option
  • Added Smooth Locomotion movement speed options
  • Added Weapon Pitch option to adjust angle of weapon on controller
  • Added option for Jump while using VR controllers with Smooth Movement on
  • Added toggle for Dash when smooth movement is on
  • Added Jump to Gamepad controller scheme
  • Fixed an issue with discoloring seen on some HMDs
  • Various bug fixes

You could get Doom VFR working with Windows Mixed Reality headsets before the patch, but official support should mean you're less likely to run into any major issues. The option to use smooth locomotion should also provide a nice alternative for those who aren't fans of the gam's teleportation movement system.

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Source: https://doom-vfr-updated-support-windows-mixed-reality-headsets

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