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$25,000 VR Racing Rig

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What do you do when you want to push VR racing simulation to the limit of immersion? This. Played with just a headset and a controller, Dirt Rally in VR is a pretty awesome experience. But if you veer off of down the path of Sim Racing at the corner where it intersects with VR, you’ll end up being able to push the envelope significantly further with the help of some accessories.

And while a racing wheel is a great starting point for immersion, if money is no object, there’s plenty to spend it on.

R-craft motion simulator with VR - Dirt Rally play

YouTube user machkun1 posted a video this week (heading this article) showing what it looks like to race Dirt Rally VR with a top notch system consisting of the following:

You can find the same user with a similar rig playing Eve: Valkyrie (2016). In this video you can hear how load the motion simulator actually is, in which case we’d definitely recommend the use of the noise-blocking Oculus Rift earphones.

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