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Wednesday, Feb 21st

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Вы здесь: Новости VR и 3D Устройства Community Download: Does The HTC Vive Need A Price Cut?

Community Download: Does The HTC Vive Need A Price Cut?

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Welcome back to the Community Download, our weekly series that lets you, our members of the UploadVR Community, voice your opinion on a wide range of topics.! Last week we reflected on AltspaceVR’s closing a bit, asking whether or not social VR is really the future of our industry and this week we’re pointing the lens to the hardware side of the spectrum instead.

Oculus recently extended the Rift + Touch bundle $399 sale a few more weeks to let more people that are interested get in on the action. Meanwhile, HTC’s Vive continues to cost a full $799 — twice as much as its competitor. With the addition of Touch and its second sensor (plus a third sensor you can buy separately) the Rift can achieve a very, very similar roomscale 360-degree VR experience, as well as play almost all of Steam’s VR titles.

When you look at it that way, it’s a massive price difference with little practical discrepancy.

So we wanted to ask you what you think: Does the HTC Vive need a price cut?

HTC has only dropped the price of Vive for extremely limited sales like Black Friday in the year and a half since the Vive launched, and even after this sale ends the Rift + Touch bundle is still going to be tremendously affordable by comparison. Meanwhile, HTC maintains its stance that the Vive does not need a price cut. So, what do you, as a consumer, think of the price situation in the market right now? UploadVR’s own Ian Hamilton thinks it needs one to stay competitive.

Source: https://community-download-htc-vive-need-price-cut/

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