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Wednesday, Feb 21st

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Вы здесь: Новости VR и 3D Устройства HTC may have yet another Vive VR headset in development, dubbed the Eclipse

HTC may have yet another Vive VR headset in development, dubbed the Eclipse

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HTC is developing a new HTC Vive VR headset, according to the latest reports. Now, we already knew HTC was working on a successor model HTC Vive because the firm itself has actually confirmed it earlier in the year, however, that particular model was dubbed the HTC Vive Standalone and, as the name suggests, it's a device that runs entirely independently of a PC, games console, or phone, and has its own self-contained hardware; display, processor, storage and so on.

The kicker is that the HTC Vive Standalone will be exclusive to China, at least initially.

But this latest leak from the grapevine suggests that another HTC Vive headset could be in the works as well. MSPowerUser picked up a trademark filing in New Zealand which describes a device called the HTC Vive Eclipse.

The filing describes the device as a "head-mounted display for computer simulated reality", ruling out the possibility that this is an accessory for one of the two other Vive headsets and confirming that it is indeed a headset in its own right.

It doesn't rule out the possibility that this is the Vive Standalone with different branding in another market, however, but to be honest either that scenario or a third, brand new headset are both quite appealing.

Other than this trademark filing, there is currently no other information to go on, and nothing else is known about the specs, features, details, or release date of the HTC Vive Eclipse.

Naturally we will be keeping a close eye on things and will be sure to bring you any more information as soon as we see it.

Source: http://htc-vive-eclipse-third-htc-vive-vr-headset-works

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