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Вы здесь: Новости VR и 3D Устройства TPCast for Vive is Now Available for Pre-order in North America at $300

TPCast for Vive is Now Available for Pre-order in North America at $300

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TPCast, the eponymous company producing a wireless VR transmitter, is now offering its HTC Vive-specific device for pre-order in US and Canada. The TPCAST Wireless Adapter for Vive has been available in China since December 2016, with pre-orders only opening up in Europe two months ago.

Now the wireless transmitter, a battery-powered device that lets you go cable free, is available for pre-oder in the US and Canada starting today. Shipping is slated as early as November 24th.

TPCast for Vive is priced at US$300, and is sold on TPCast’s website and online retail sites including Amazon and NewEgg.


image courtesy TPCast

The company suffered somewhat of a false start when they first announced pre-order availability in North America back in September. Originally slated for its US release on 9/25/2017 through the Microsoft Store, pre-orders were quickly refunded for no discernible reason.

The company has since launched their wireless transmitter for Vive in several European countries for around €350.

TPCast is also gearing up for the release of its Oculus Rift-compatible trasmitter, with a pre-order page spotted on No information on North American availability has been made public yet.

What’s in the box

  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Power module and battery
  • Wireless router

Check out the full video guide from the company below to see just what sort of setup the TPCast demands. Spoiler Alert: it takes forever.

 Source: https://tpcast-vive-now-available-pre-order-north-america-300-delivery-starting-late-november/

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