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Вы здесь: Новости VR и 3D Устройства Microsoft creates several “Reality Rooms” at Garage locations

Microsoft creates several “Reality Rooms” at Garage locations

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Microsoft Garage locations around the world has makerspaces which allows Microsoft employees and interns to get hands-on with 3D printing and hardware-oriented projects. Recently, Microsoft has added “Reality Rooms” at these Garage locations which will provide quick access to the latest in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality in one single location.

Microsoft employees and interns can use these rooms for everything from casual hands-on, coding new XR projects and even use the full green screen motion capture capabilities for advanced projects.

These “Reality Rooms” will have many VR headsets, 360 VR cameras, HoloLens, and AR glasses. Sensors and surround sound speakers are integrated into the ceiling along with custom lighting. Microsoft has placed the workdesks accordingly to keep the room’s center open as a “play space” where multiple people can interact at the same time.

One of the unique features of these rooms is the wall-sized monitor outside the room. Microsoft is using the HoloLens “Spectator View” technology to broadcast a third-person perspective of people using the holographic experiences to the outside display.

I hope we will see some cool XR projects from Microsoft employees around the world as a result of these Reality Rooms.

Source: Microsoft

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