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Sunday, Feb 25th

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DDD’s TriDef® - расширение линейки 3D HDTV решений

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Компания DDD Group plc анонсировала подписание соглашения с Hyundai IT Corp. (“Hyundai”), о сотрудничестве в области расширения линейки 3D HDTV решений со встроенной функцией DDD’s TriDef® Core. В соответствии с подписанными соглашениями, DDD интегрирует TriDef® Core в линейку LCD TV от Arisawa Manufacturing Company, использующих некий особый (по мнению разработчиков) X-Pol™ 3D optical material . Новые модели телевизоров, совместимые с форматом BS11 3D от Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, поступят в продажу в Японии уже в Октябре.

Кроме того, DDD разработает версию TriDef Core совместимую с европейскими форматами вещания. К основным функциям DDD’s TriDef® Core, относятся декодирование широковещательного формата BS11 3D, проигрывание дисков high definition Blu-ray™ и конверсия в реальном времени плоского 2D изображения в объемное 3D стерео изображение любого HD контента. Официальный анонс акцентирует внимание на то, что благодаря 3D оптике (X-Pol™ 3D optical material), используемой Arisawa Manufacturing Company, обычное плоское 2D изображение, легко превращается в 3D стерео изображение. Для чего пользователю достаточно одеть специальные очки и нажать кнопку на пульте управления. При этом качество 3D стерео картинки, как гласит анонс, сопоставимо с качеством новейших прокатных стерео фильмов.

Официальный анонс:


Santa Monica, California (August 27, 2008) - DDD Group plc (AIM: DDD), the 3D consumer solutions and content company, today announces that it has signed a development agreement with Hyundai IT Corp. (“Hyundai”) to expand Hyundai’s range of 3D HDTVs that incorporate DDD’s TriDef® Core embedded hardware solution.
Under the terms of the agreement, DDD will integrate the TriDef Core with Hyundai’s range of 32” LCD TVs that incorporate Arisawa Manufacturing Company’s X-Pol™ 3D optical material. The new 32” models are scheduled for launch during October in Japan to support the BS11 3D television programming from Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation. DDD will also deliver a version of the TriDef Core compatible with European broadcast formats.
TriDef Core is a custom circuit board that integrates with the existing 2D video electronics in the LCD HDTV. 3D features enabled by the TriDef Core processor include decoding the BS11 3D broadcast signal format, playback of specially encoded high definition Blu-ray™ discs and real time 2D to 3D conversion of standard and high definition content.
Using Arisawa’s innovative 3D optics, the flat screen 3D televisions are capable of displaying conventional 2D pictures as well as 3D. When the viewer decides to watch in 3D, they simply activate the 3D functions using their remote control and put on a pair of 3D glasses. The system then delivers a 3D image from any viewing position in the living room with the same clarity and quality as the latest 3D digital cinemas.
Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD said: “We are pleased to be expanding the range of 3D LCD TVs that are powered by DDD’s market leading TriDef solutions. Shipments of 32” LCD TVs represent approximately 40%* of the total sales in the LCD TV market and the new Hyundai 32” 3D model should deliver an affordable 3D TV for customers in a variety of markets.”
* DisplaySearch LCD TV market update August 2008

DDD Group
Chris Yewdall, President and CEO
Tel +1 310 566-3340

Brewin Dolphin
Ken Fleming, Director - Corporate Finance
Tel +44 (0) 141 314 8114
Paul Mason, Assistant Director – Corporate Finance
Tel +44 (0) 141 314 8208

Notes to Editors
About DDD
DDD, also known as Dynamic Digital Depth, is transforming the viewing experience with applications for 3D consumer displays. Its patented technologies enable 3D viewing with and without glasses; simple integration of computer graphics applications with 3D displays; supply of 3D content through 2D to 3D conversion; and 3D transmission over existing networks. DDD is quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM: DDD).
• A new category of flat screen LCD and plasma displays are being developed and marketed by major consumer electronics companies that provide stereoscopic 3D images both with and without the need for the viewer to wear glasses. Stereoscopic 3D images appear to have natural in and off-screen depth. 3D displays have already been included in mobile phones in Japan and Korea and in desktop PC displays and notebook computers in North America and Japan.
• DDD’s solutions provide an important bridge between conventional two-dimensional (2D) software applications and content and the new 3D displays. Normal 2D pictures, video and computer graphics images are manipulated by DDD’s patented software enabling them to be displayed on 3D displays without requiring the content to be created specially for a 3D display. DDD’s solutions also enable automatic conversion of virtually any media from 2D to 3D without any pre-processing of the 2D image.
• DDD licenses these software applications, marketed under the TriDef® and DDD Mobile™ brand names, to consumer electronics manufacturers for inclusion with the 3D display products supplied to their end users. DDD also licenses its software directly to end users who already own 3D displays and through an international sales channel. DDD’s customers include Sharp Corporation, Samsung and Arisawa Manufacturing Company.
• In February 2008 Samsung and DDD entered into an development and license agreement to integrate DDD’s TriDef 3D real time 2D to 3D conversion solution and 3D image processing architecture in a custom 3D image processing chip that will form the basis of Samsung’s next generation 3D HDTVs.
• In February 2008 Samsung and DDD entered into an agreement to supply DDD’s TriDef 3D Experience software solution as part of Samsung’s 3-D accessory pack for their range of 3-D ready plasma and DLP rear projection HDTVs.
• In February 2008 DDD delivered the first embedded 3-D HDTV processor for the Hyundai IT 46” 3-D LCD TV that is based on Arisawa Manufacturing’s X-Pol 3-D materials. The TriDef Core processor decodes the 3-D television signal being broadcast to consumers in Japan on the BS11 TV network as well as converting high definition 2-D content to 3-D automatically.
• In September 2007 Samsung launched a range of 3-D Ready DLP® rear projection HDTVs in North America. DDD’s TriDef 3D Experience software solution enables a range of popular entertainment to be enjoyed in 3-D and is available in various accessory packs including 3-D glasses. The 3-D accessory packs are available online from and other retail and distribution channels. DDD also supplies software that allows popular PC games to be played in 3-D on the new HDTVs.
• In July 2007 Samsung released the SCH-B710 ‘glasses-free’ 3D mobile telephone in South Korea. DDD entered into a development and license agreement with Samsung Electronics allowing Samsung to include DDD’s 3D mobile telephone software solution in Samsung’s SCH-B710 3D mobile telephone. The license agreement yields a royalty to DDD for each handset manufactured. Samsung renewed its exclusive rights for DDD’s real time 2D to 3D conversion capabilities for use on 3D mobile phones in Korea in October 2006.
More information is available at
TriDef and DDD Mobile are trademarks of DDD Group plc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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