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Wednesday, Feb 21st

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Вы здесь: Новости VR и 3D Софт StereoPhoto Maker version 3.24 has been released

StereoPhoto Maker version 3.24 has been released

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StereoPhoto Maker(SPM) functions both as a versatile stereo image editor and stereo image viewer. It also allows users with no knowledge of HTML to create WebPages using the 'StereoPhotoViewer Applet'. You simply upload the contents of the applet-project to a Server using a freeware FTP program. More experienced users can create the entire webpage themselves or amend the file produced by SPM. The latest version of SPM supports the Dubois (red/cyan) anaglyph-conversion method. 'Problem' colors that cause ghosting are converted to non-ghosting colours. The 3x3 matrix previously used by Optimised Anaglyphs is now 6x3. This allows you to enter the starting values for the Dubois (or other) anaglyph method and then alter the values to give different non-ghosting colors.

  Multiconversion now includes output-format options for Dubois anaglyph, simple vertical interlacing and chequer-board images suitable for 3D-ready DLP TV's. Features added in the previous release (dual-core support in multiconversion, simple interlacing and 3D DLP TV) are now documented.

main window
main window
main window main window main window
main window

Use the next links to download StereoPhoto Maker version 3.24:

StereoPhoto Maker version 3.24 (Muttyan's Home Page)
StereoPhoto Maker version 3.24 (Virtual & Really.Ru)

Download HELP file -

Auto-alignment now allows you to specify the maximum allowable disparity of the 'infinity' points (as a decimal percentage of image-width).This value may also be entered in your 'Preferences\Adjustment'. Free-cropping options with an aspect-ratio to suit Classic, Holmes cards and 6x13 format (on 6x4 inch paper for the latter two)have been added. For subjects that benefit from a more-pronounced portrait format, the 7"x4.25" 'Cabinet' card is now supported.Stereo cards may now have an arched top and rounded corners.

This software is provided for non-commercial use only.The University of British Columbia has applied for a patent on the SIFT algorithm in the United States. Commercial use may require a license from the University of British Columbia.


Added two Interlaced modes.
- Column Interlaced (not same as Sharp 3D LCD)
Added 'Multi Job' option in Multiconversion.
Bug-fix for creation of new folder in Vista.
Improved Image quality for low interlaced mode.

Corrected the free cropping bug.
Added the information about running SPM on Apple macs in the Help file.

Corrected the overlapping bug in the clone brush dialog.

The latest release of SPM shows the outline of the clone-brush shape and size to make its use easier.
You may specify the number of Undo/Redo buffers that best suits your available memory.
A zooming problem in page-flipped mode has been fixed.

The latest release of SPM allows you to batch-create side-by-side images (with any aspect-ratio) in a format suitable for digital projection.
The mouse-wheel zoom is now centered on the initial cursor position, allowing you to zoom-into a feature of interest.
In all stereo viewing modes (except page-flipping) you now have the option of showing a grid overlay with the number of rows and columns of your choice.
For webpage presentation of side-by-side images, you may now losslessly create JPG triplets in LRL or RLR format from existing JPG images.
When using an unsynchronised pair of cameras, or a single camera, any objects that move during the taking will be at an incorrect depth.
SPM now provides a stereo clone-brush to correct these errors.
You may choose brush-size, shape and hardness.
Undo and Redo may now be done up to 100 times (depending on memory).
A menu option to clear buffers speeds-up operations if Windows uses swap files.
Maximum image size for auto-correction is now 16383 pixels width and/or height.
On completion of Multiconversion, you can now choose to return to that operation rather than just exiting.
Brief notes in Help file about using SPM with Vista (based on posts here by Pierre Meindre and others) and a page on 'Basic Operations' that summarises commonly-used features.


The latest release of SPM no longer provides the internal SIFT-algorithm option.
The University of British Columbia have stated that use of that feature by US residents contravenes their patent conditions. If 'autopano.exe' (Autopano version) is in the same folder as SPM, it will automatically be used if you have not set the 'Autopano folder name' in the Preferences dialog. There is now an option (in 'Preferences\Adjust') to hide the SIFT auto-correction DOS window. When printing multiple, custom stereo-cards on a single sheet of paper, they will all be the size of the first card rather than defaulting to fitting the page-width. After creating a simulated view of a popup anaglyph, the system no longer crashes when returning to the normal display-mode.
Notes have been added to the 'Help' file regarding making popup-anaglyphs when a reference-frame is not available or practical.
The latest release of SPM allows zoomed-in scrolling with panoramic and horizontal/vertical-mirror modes.
In MultiConversion (including auto-align), there are additional options for output file-type and stereo format.
Stereo formats are :-
Independent left\right.
Side-by-side (Mirror left)
Side-by-side (Mirror right)
Side-by-side (Mirror both)
Above\below (Mirror Top)
Above\below (Mirror Bottom)
Above\below (Mirror Both)
Gray Anaglyph
Gray Anaglyph (red/green)
Gray Anaglyph (red/blue)
Gray Anaglyph (yellow/blue)
Color Anaglyph
Half-color Anaglyph
Ghost-reduced Anaglyph
Color Anaglyph (yellow/blue)
Half-color Anaglyph (yellow/blue)
Optimized Anaglyph
Single Image (Left)
Single Image (Right)
Sharp 3D LCD

File formats are BMP, JPG, JPS, TIFF, PNG and GIF.

For more information about StereoPhoto Make visit author's official site: (Muttyan's Home Page)

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